The Great Roar

Born from the sumptuous elegance of the Edwardian era only to be shaken by a world war and landing in a modern Eden. The Roaring 20’s marked history with iconic images of personal expression. Hyper charged fashion and style were all the rage. Think Chanel’s streamlined column shape, Charles Worth’s luxurious beading, or Fortuny silk dresses; the functionality of shorter skirts and the powerful alluring lines of men’s suiting.  The twenties had everything! The decade left us with youthful elegance, vice influenced trends, and rhythmic style.

The women truly explored personal style an expression with higher hemlines to due to the convenience women experienced during the previous war, in which hemlines fell above the ankle in an effort to conserve fabric for uniforms and supplies. The body was a slim long line with a swan like neck topped with a sharp yet effortless bob hair cut.

Men’s Fashion streamlined and peacocked at the same time. With bright new colors for day suits and skinny black tie Tuxedos for night. Gatsby cool boy chic filled the stores and their expensive shiny cars filled the streets.

“The Great Roar” is a fashion and art event opening December 20th at The Manor in downtown DC for a night of exploration into an exuberant era. VIP guests will be treated to a Yesteryear photo exhibition by Jay Snap, stunning living fashion installation of period clothes provided by collectors Jessamyn Goshorn and Randy Green; black and white silent  film, and a live burlesque performance.