Nein droppen ze haut kaffee 2019-10

2019-03-01 03:14:02

Humour is just as appreciated as imagination in this case. Nicked from elsewhere Showing 1- 3 of 3 messages.

DANS LAREADE ouREz PA OOLALA. Ne translatez pas les languages.

Treasure Hunters. The only real German words are " nein" and " haut".

Sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen. kaffee and the German for ' coffee' is in fact kaffee,.

from Tumblr tagged as Coffee Meme. ' Nein droppen ze haut kaffe oont ze knakkers'.

Ne pourez pas dans l' area de oolala. HAUTKAFFE DROPPEN ONT z nein KNAKKERS " Nein droppen Ze haut kaffe oont ze knakkers" Now.

and Haut means skin, not hot. Looks like I picked the wrong week to starten drinken ze kaffee.

Nein droppen ze haut kaffee. Posted on August 3,.

German- Nein droppen ze haut kaffe oont ze knakkers. So ze haut kaffe does not mean ' the hot coffee' in German.

Nein droppen ze haut kaffee. Coffee NEIN DROPPEN ZE HAUT KAFFE OONTZE KNAKKERS.

Nein droppen ze haut kaffe oont ze. VOID POURING ON cROTCH AREA.

This Coffee Sleeve Is Hilarious. The other languages on this coffee sleeve.

Home Market Trophy Room SHOP MEMES. I try not to do anything dangerous oont ze knakkers.

Nicked from elsewhere: Sn! > # 30 - - Nein Droppen Ze Haut Kaffe Oont Ze Knakkers.

Nein droppen ze haut kaffe oont ze knakkers” haha. As the minimum age nein for Reddit access is 13 years old,.

pe: 6/ 12/ 17 6: 59 AM. Nein droppen ze haut kaffee.

Caution Hot Sign Funny Caution Hot Sign Picture - Avoid pouring on crotch area.

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